Techno Blueberry's discord server, it's history and where it's at now.

Is requested that you please do not use any of this media as it was commissioned by and for Techno Blueberry.

R.I.P - Canadian furs

Established 24 Jan, 2020 and ran as a public server till 9 Feb, 2024 Canadian furs was a discord server dedicated to helping Canadian furries find other local Canadian furries with local group chats and special roles. It found its end of service when the owner Techno Blueberry found himself too overwhelmed with how hard it is to keep up with a public server as the server over its public access time had grew to over 600 members.

Where the server is at now

The server has gone private, the new plans are to make it more of a "all my favorite things" type of server. It will be focused on technology, favorite animals like Foxes and Dragons, the Furry Fandom as a whole, and whatever Techno Blueberry desires.

Because of the private nature of the server, all lesser known users will find that this place will no longer be available to them. As Techno Blueberry speaking here now I would like to personally apologize for this, it was bad for my mental health. Dealing with all the drama, the problems and all for free it was really digging into my time. If you would like to be able to find local furries again, there is actually a place I can recommend, consider checking out https://barq.app/.